9/12/20 Las Ramblas Results

T.M.G.S. @ Las Ramblas 9/12/12

For our annual visit to this, the marmite course we chose a very bad day, no wonder that we were only 23 strong what with the course itself always playing difficult today we also had to battle the elements, very cold winds gusting to something like 50km per hour when we began and only improved slightly as we neared the finishing line some 4 hours later! Needless to say that the scores were not the usual 30+ points for most members, in fact only 2 members were better, Roger Nilsen 32 and Ole Rong 38 , 3rd place was Koi Krog way back with 27 points. Well done to you guys and Ole the rest of us would like to know how you did it? As usual in the bar afterwards many members were discussing how many balls they had lost which in most cases seemed to be more than the points that they had scored!!. The N.T.P.’s were taken by R. Maher and K. Krog on holes 6 and 14 respectively, as last week 2’s pot wasn’t taken there was a very healthy €50 to be won and this was shared between Ken Symon (hole10) and Ole Rong (hole 14) so it’s farewell to Las Ramblas for another year.