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Lo Romero 17/6/16

Competition Winners ..

Lo Romero 17/6/16

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Lo Romero 17/6/16

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Lo Romero 17/6/16

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Registered with the R.F.E.G. LV 39

  • Next competition : To be Confirmed
  • Membership Fees are now due for 2017


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Pro-Am La Marquesa

Great day with Miguel Angel Jimenez !

Membership Fees

   To all members; Membership fees are now due

an information letter has been mailed to all members, if you didn't receive yours then please e-mail the caddiemaster@clubdegolfelparaiso.com

Extended Competiton

Check out this exciting Competition that we are running until June 2016 for more informationClick Here


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Recent Winners

Recent Events

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About Us

Club de Golf El Paraiso was formed to serve the expat golfing population of the Costa Blanca.

Club de Golf El Paraiso is NOT a society; it is a golf club that plays on various courses on the Costa Blanca.

As a registered member of the Spanish and Valencian Golf Federations, we bring all of the benefits of those Federations to the foreign player.

Our main objective is to promote competitions for all standards of players of all nationalities and for both sexes, in a professional and fully regulated manner and also to ensure that suitable sponsors endorse both our club and competitions.

We organize weekly competitions at a variety of courses on the Costa Blanca.

Competition Days , two competitions a month on  Sundays. None members are invited to participate up to a maximum of three times before they are encouraged to join the club. in most cases it doesn't need three competitions to convince a player to join.

Added to the  "in house" club competitions, the committee actively encourage members to participate in Federated competitions. The club submits "teams" into the Valencian region's Team events, this is a great opportunity to play courses that maybe you wouldn't give a second thought too. These events usually attract even bigger green fee discounts.

What are the benefits of joining the Club and why should I join?

Let us start off by telling you the annual cost of the Club membership and the annual Valencian Federation fees, they are a combined total of approximately 130€ which equates to around 11€ per month.

Now, if you play 12 rounds of golf per year here in Spain (without being Federated); the cost of the “Insurance” (as they say it is, they being the golf courses) would cost you 3€ per day- if you play in the Murcia region such as the IRM courses, so straight away, deduct 36€ from the 130€ (94€). Then take the average green fee of 50€ (without buggy), apply the 20% and that is a saving of 10€ per game, times that by 12 (120€) and viola, you have an overall saving of 26€ per annum and that is just for 12 games, obviously, the more you play, the more you save. Those who play the Valencian region courses pay an “insurance fee” of 1.50€, but you will still save money on playing just 12 rounds per annum. Naturally, unless you DO play a minimum of 12 rounds per year, then membership to our club is not for you.

So for less than €2.50 per week you can make huge saving on your green fees!
It's important to look at what you are going to save and NOT what you are spending.

Another important factor is that it could not be easier to use, NO more visits to the agencies, paying up front and then taking a voucher to the course. With our membership card you can just make your reservation directly with the club, upon arrival all you will have to show a valid membership card from our club. It’s that simple.

Discounts on the green fees to our members range from 10% to 40% and in most cases this discount is far greater than any agency. For example, it is known that the discount given at Campoamor is 20% but they; (they being the agents) generally only pass on up to 10% to the client. Our club members will receive the FULL 20%. And all you will have to do is show your Membership card at the course.

There are many other advantages to joining, there are many shops and services that will recognize our club and give discounts accordingly.

However, that is not the only benefit one receives, there are a host of other Federation arranged discounts for members of the said Federation to receive; hence it is of a benefit to not only join the Club de Golf El Paraiso, but also the Spanish Federation too. We will take care of all the Federation paperwork for you at no cost and you will be issued with your Federation number immediately, no waiting, nothing.

The idea of this club is NOT just to obtain cheap green fees; we want to bring the players that are mainly residing on the Costa Blanca together with the federation. This is an opportunity not to be missed. We have the support of all the courses in this area and beyond and including the President of the Federation of Valencia.

Do you have a group of visiting players coming to the Costa Blanca, would you like to have all of their golf days professionally organized at the very best prices?  Your groups can play under the umbrella of our club and receive the discounts mentioned above.

Do you want to play competitive golf?


 Your handicap will be adjusted correctly according to the rules of the E.G.A. and the R.F.E.G.

Many expats don't really understand how the continental system works. Our committee has more than 20 years’ experience of using this system and actively encourage members to voice their concerns about this subject, and are committed to helping the expat community to understand how it works; after all, only the UK (in Europe) uses the CONGU system and once you see how the Federation system works, you will wonder why the UK hasn’t moved on with the times!

Finally the costs:

 January 2015, this year's membership fee is just 50€ per year. We will require the transfer of your Federation number to the Club, but this will be done for you free of charge.

If you are NOT a member, then we will arrange this for you and this service is also free of charge.

Don't worry if you don’t speak Spanish!  Our committee translates everything for you, so you don't have to worry about what you're getting into.



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